For applicants to international research students

For international students applying to MSIP Lab as research students

      • Please read the following sites carefully:
        Planning & Preparation
        Quick Guide 2020 – 2021
        Study in JAPAN Comprehensive Guide
      • Approval of supervisor is required.
        Please inquire from this form after preparing the following materials:

        • Resume (CV)
        • Research plan (research topic / research content 200 words · plan after the end of program)
      • Later, please send the following materials:
        • Academic transcript
        • Motivation to application in about 200 words & self PR in about 200 words or video containing talk on motivation and self PR (about 2 minutes)

    To MEXT Scholarship Student (Research Students)

        • In addition to the above documents, please prepare the following document:
          A copy of the first selection certificate (issued by the embassy)
        • 2022 Students from China
          Deadline of request for approval: August 2021
        • 2022 Embassy Recommendations (Research Students)
          Deadline of request for approval: September 2021

    To Privately Financed Foreign Students

      • Request for acceptance consent
        If you wish to enroll in October, we will close deadline until the third Friday of April.
        If you wish to enroll in April, we will close deadline until the third Friday of October of the previous year.
      • Notification of acceptance
        We will notify the acceptance/rejection until early May for enrollment in October or early November for enrollment in April.
      • Only when approved, we will ask you to submit official application documents.
        Every year the number of applicants accepted is 1 or 2 people.