Got Raspberry Pi Mouse V2

We got a Raspberry Pi Mouse V2, a small mobile platform robot with left and right independent two wheels using Raspberry Pi on the main board.


Niigata University 2017 U-go grant (continuing project) “Integrated Research on Science, Engineering, Disaster Prevention through Deep Learning and Construction of Its Shared Platform” (Research Director: Keisuke Hayasaka).

Prox Plot

Defined a prox plot MATLAB function.

Is it helpful?

function proxplot(f,varargin)
%PROXPLOT Plot prox of a scalar function
% Example
% >> proxplot(@(x) abs(x))

% Copyright (c) 2017 Shogo MURAMATSU,
% All rights reserved
warning off
prox = @(x) fminsearch(@(y) (f(y)+0.5*(y-x)^2),0);
fplot(@(x) prox(x),varargin)
warning on